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Agile Giants: Lessons from Corporate Innovators

Jul 17, 2020

On the last episode of Season 2, we do another Q&A episode - focusing on specific questions you the audience have for me.   

The questions fell into four categories:

  1. There were a lot of questions about this unprecedented time we're living in, and especially how it relates to the overall economy, companies commitment to innovation, and to education. 
  2. I also got a few questions on one of the CSL, the Corporate Startup Lab tools, the Option-Gate.
  3. Next, not surprising, given the focus on corporate venture this season, I did have some questions around that as a strategy and how companies should think about CVC.
  4. And then the last topic was actually a personal one, but a number of you asked, about my professional plans between now and the start of season 3.  I'll talk about some of my plans at the end of this episode, if that's interesting to you.

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