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Agile Giants: Lessons from Corporate Innovators

Apr 15, 2019

Jeff's work has really had a profound impact on the way I approach a lot of problems. I remember when one of the companies I ran switched to Scrum (mSpoke) and it was like a light switch went on in the organization.

I can't really talk enough about how positive Scrum's impact was on that organization and a lot of the companies I've worked with since then.

It was really amazing to meet Jeff. He's a brilliant guy and I took away a ton from our conversation.

If you're thinking about how to operationalize Agile philosophies in your organization regardless of the size, I think Scrum is a great technique. And if you're already using Scrum, hopefully, there'll be new things you can learn from our conversation. I know there are a few things I've already changed in terms of how I recommend deploying Scrum based on this conversation.

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